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When quality comes first

Made in Italy, renowned globally. Now in the UK.


Zilmet is Europe's biggest manufacturer of high quality expansion vessels and plate heat exchangers.

In order to maintain its position as a leading supplier in the thermo-hydraulic market, the company focuses on the research and development of new products, together with devising original, innovative tailor-made solutions for its customers.

During the lifetime of its business, Zilmet has invested wisely in technology. This translates into highly automated production facilities, which enable the company to consistently deliver the highest quality possible.

All Zilmet products carry the appropriate certification for use in UK and European markets. So, with a wide portfolio of products, you should be able to find a product to match your particular project.

As an innovative manufacturer of products which can help maximise the efficiency of plumbing installations, Zilmet UK is registered "carbon neutral" and has also achieved accreditation in accordance with ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001 and ISO9001:2008 in respect of its operational standards.